too quiet in pa

Since the appeal of Judge Motto’s decision to try 12-year-old Jordan Brown as an adult was filed, things have apparently been too quiet for some people.

So true to form, Kenzie’s parents have been stirring the pot—or their cauldron, I should say. Last week they attended a meeting of the Lawrence County Commissioners to ask why Jordan is being housed in an Erie youth facility where he is being treated humanely at a cost to the county and state of $239.34 a day and being allowed “privileges” such as daily visits from his father and the ability to play checkers with the staff. They want to see Jordan moved to the county jail where he would be housed with violent adults at a lower cost to upstanding taxpayers like themselves.

If this story were happening seventy years ago in the South and Jordan were black, he would already be swinging from a tree if the Houks had their way. Every story of injustice must have its Ewell Family, and in this case the Houk Family is it.

One of the commissioners answered the Houks saying that the judiciary is independent and said: “We can’t issue any edict about operation of the court system. We only fund it.” But don’t you think the Houks already knew this before they went to the meeting? Yet it was as good a publicity stunt as all their others.

Of course, if the newspaper story I have just read is a full description of the proceedings (http://www.vindy.com/news/2010/jun/26/family-questions-privileges/), no one stated the obvious: that Jordan is presumed innocent unless proved guilty. Before a trial the state can only detain Jordan, not punish him—though I’d guess Jordan believes he is presently being punished for something he didn’t do.

Nor did anyone say that in the case of juveniles, the state has a responsibility to treat them as children and not small adults. Children and adults do not think and behave the same. Only ignorant and cruel people do not accept this reality. Decent people all over the world are dismayed by this story and what it says about the human condition and American justice.

And nobody, of course, stated that Jordan is being held on the thinnest of evidence gathered through a laughably incompetent and dishonest police investigation, and interpreted by a former prosecutor with political considerations in mind. The police have forensic evidence of a handgun shot to Kenzie’s head and yet make the misleading claim that it is a shotgun wound. The police didn’t even process the crime scene for fingerprints. They probably coerced Jordan’s younger sister into making a false statement incriminating Jordan and colluded with or manipulated the victim’s family to see that Jordan was convicted in the media before his case ever went to trial.

And nobody but nobody dared ask what kind of people these are upon whose vicious accusations and assertions the police and prosecution are relying.

Here is a curious and significant thing I have observed over many months. On Jordan’s website at www.SaveJordanBrown.com and in this Diary, it has been disclosed that Kenzie had been engaged in a bitter child support and paternity battle with a former boyfriend who is the more likely killer or had one of his unsavory friends do it. At one time Kenzie apparently felt threatened enough to take out protection orders against him—maybe after one of his several death threats.

After paying Kenzie for the support of a child he was told was his, the boyfriend ultimately learned through DNA testing that the child was not his after all. Put yourself in his shoes. Don’t you think you’d be a little ticked off, especially if your former girlfriend had already taken up with and was engaged to another man?

Yet about all this, the silence from Lawrence County has been deafening.

No one is talking about it, and for the Houks thankfully so, because no one but me is openly asking the obvious question: What kind of upbringing did this young woman have that she would not know the paternity of her own child, or if she did know, that she would scapegoat and saddle an “innocent” man with the responsibility?

Is the same thing happening now, but this time being choreographed by Mother Deb, a past master of the art and all dressed up in her Sunday best? It is more plausible, really, than the “Addams Family Kid” theory of the crime which has been sold to the credulous media.

I’ll bet if someone went digging into this family’s background, it would be found that they’re not all they crack themselves up to be.

Then maybe it would not be so quiet in Pennsylvania.

On a lighter note…

Please don’t send me angry messages if you don’t approve. I figured it was either him or me, and the ugliness and stench of Otto’s snakebite wound is still fresh in my memory.

I went out to the coop yesterday to feed and water the roosters. We have an old concrete block propped against the gate to keep it closed. I lifted it and, to my great alarm and astonishment, beheld a three-foot-long rattlesnake coiled where the concrete block had been.

Rattlesnakes are welcome anywhere on the property except near our animals or the house, and this guy had broken the rules. He raised his head as if to strike. I had the perfect weapon—the concrete block—in my hands, took aim, and threw it. The snake was not killed, but wounded and immobilized under the weight.

I returned to the house to fetch a long trenching spade, with which I beheaded the snake and put him out of his misery. I cut off the tail to send to Benny, and left the snake’s writhing body for the roosters to eat.

Now we’ll see if it is true that roosters and chickens will eat anything.


They won’t.


8 Responses to “too quiet in pa”

  1. 1 gloria
    June 28, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    It is really sad to see that this family will do anything to make Jordan suffer, it seems to be that they prefer to see him in a dangerous place where he can be the victim of really dangerous criminals, that says a lot about them honestely. This case has gone too far, this is pure and simple child abuse and is being allowed by the law. Is really good to know that he is being well treated in Juvinile, and really disturbing to find out that that family would prefer to see this child suffering than safe. I really hope you all can prove Jordan’s innocence and he can go home with his father. This is just so unvelivable, so horrible that I don’t know what to say anymore.

  2. 2 Conor
    June 28, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    WOW, you write about stuff that makes me grit my teeth! I don’t understand how anyone can think it’s O.K. to treat a child as an adult in a court of law. They don’t have the education or understanding to even understand what is going on, let alone have enough responsibility for themselves to make these decisions. Society and their up bringing are probably the culprits unless they are mentally damaged, which once again falls on the responsibility of the ones that influenced them for the first 12 to 14 years of their lives. If you think anyone is innocent until proven guilty you have high hopes and expectations for the system that still fails to work. How is he to be judged by a group of his peers? round up a bunch of adolescents to judge his life and death? No because they aren’t mentally competent enough to do so, which should say something about how we are impacting this young mans life guilty or innocent. sorry that’s all the time I can spend thinking about this disgrace of human kind.

  3. 3 Mike
    June 29, 2010 at 1:58 am

    It’s obvious this family (Houks) thrives on attention and has not concluded that the only attention they are bringing upon themselves is a horrible image of their family and it is this image that will eventially come back to haunt them in the end. It is also obvious that there is so much hate in this family and again hate breeds hate and nothing good has ever come from so much hate. What’s even more sad is that they are raising their daughter’s two girls around this hatred toward Jordan and if they think they (the girls) are not picking up on this…..they are very wrong!!

    I believe it was a blessing from God that Jordan’s attorneys had the opportunity to file an appeal against the Judges decision and no matter what that decision might be, I know God is watching Jordan as well as all those involved in this case. I feel there are reasons unknown to all of us as to why this case has progressed as it has. However, we have only seen a portion of this sad story unfold…we have yet to hear/see the rest of the story.

    Please Dan….continue to keep us informed about this case.

  4. June 29, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    I really don’t know where to start, i do hope that what i ahve to write will give hope and might be of some use. I’m a student of criminal justice in Georgia, we (the class) were looking at different cases and ran accross Jordans. In the begining the class after reading about it and what the media told – most said the norm”that little $08″. i was the only one that said, it doesnt add up. I talked to our instructor and told him what i felt and he asked me if i would like to have a court case in class over this case. So it started, i was allowed to build a defence team , the other side were picked from the class of people who had already made up there mind. then the jury. to cut a long story short- we won the other side could only come up with a wave of simpithy photos and objections to facts that had been proven that should have set the boy free. my set up was using what things i had on hand, the quotes from both sides, what had been gathered, info as well as physical. and had went to work when the idea of shotgun came up i produced (based on her fathers statement) more shotgun shell from the yard (practice for turkey shooting). along with a pattern of the shot(shotgun vs pistol). what really hit me was when i backed off to look at how the cops must have thought coming into the yard.It seems that “they started by picking up the shell in the yard” then moved to make everything match that assumption. everything seemed to roll from the fact that -we found a shell, ok so this had to happen next…..no real police work was done. true i dont have all the facts but it seems the only reason they keep streaching out the time frame on this case is in hope Jordan will crack under the preasure confessing to something he didnt do.

    • 5 Wolfgang
      June 30, 2010 at 6:49 am

      Unfortunately I think you are right they are waiting until Jordan will break down and confess to something he didn’t do. I just can’t imagine, how can a family like to see a child suffer?


      • 6 gloria
        July 1, 2010 at 11:05 am

        actually maybe that’s the reason why they want him to be moved to an adult jail. In Juvinile Jordan is safe, he is being well treated, he has daily visists with his Dad, and they can’t press him to confess. So they think, hey why don’t we send him to jail county where he will be with dangerous criminals, segregated from the general population and put into a cell 23 hours a day, he won’t get as many visists from his dad, that would make him crack and maybe they are lucky and Jordan confess a crime he did NOT commit out of pure fear. I found it so disgusting.

        Anyway, this case has got all my attention for a long time and made me forget about another case I heard about. Michael Perry is scheduled to die today for a crime he did not commit, at the moment of the murder actually Michael Perry was in jail, so unless a person could be in two places at the same time I don’t know how he could have comitted the murder.

        New Yorker wrote on Jun 23, 2010 9:13 PM:

        ” Let’s see here, we have a medical examiner that’s a quack (Paul Shrode), another m.e. that says the victims died on the 26th and last but not least, not 1, not 2 but 3 judges priliminary reports filled out by Dectective Cary Mace that states when the victims were found they all had rigor mortis starting to release. Conclusion? It was impossible for ANY of the victims to have been killed on the 24th.

        Shane Atkinson changed his testimony to fit the states case. A baby sitter who testified she heard gunshots coming from the Stotler residence on the 24th just happens to be the daughter of a woman who works in the D.A.s office. Never called the police, just decided to testify about it. Another witness claims he saw Kristin Willis’s truck at the Stotler residence on Friday the 26th. He rembers this because it was his “date night”….then after a conversation with the assistant drunk Robert Barlett, he changes his “date night” to Wednesday night the 24th.

        Sorry folks if I don’t share your utter contempt for Michael Perry because there are just too many questions for me to condemn him. I will always believe in his innocence no matter what happens. This is just my opinion but Kristin Willis Weathers needs to be on death row. She got away with capital murder. ”

        And to all of those who thinks I’m agains Death penalty, actually I’m not, what I am against is against executing innocent people.
        I ask you all to please just have a look to his website and please sign the petition, today is his last day, he will be executed today, I don’t know at what time.
        Thanks to all those who look into it.



  5. 7 jeanne
    June 29, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Good point Ben. You have the shell that came from the boy’s shotgun but they did target shoot, so this would be likely and there were other shells. You have a shotgun because it was there. They assumed early on the child was involved. You have a policeman or woman that went to the school within a couple hours (without any permission or legal authority) but they claim to be there for information. What is funny is that they then follow whatever the kid states. If your a student of criminal justice you will likely learn about child interrogations and questioning. Depending on the type of questioning used, the boy could have been anywhere from being confused, scared, to trying to be the hero. But they follow what he states, which by the way, could have been true to some degree. They look for a black truck, come up empty and decide to re-interview the victim’s 7 or 8 year-old daughter. On the re-interview, later in the day, now in the company of the obvious hatred from the Houk’s, the little girl now states she heard a “boom”. Funny the boom did not startle her enough to run and see what happened before school and funny the boom did not wake up her little sister who was sleeping. Instead the boy and girl get on the bus and go to school. Later they arrest the boy.

    Had they not contaminated the entire scene,and closed the case so soon, they could have tested other shirts the boy had and found gun powder on more clothing (and likely would have) which may have helped to clear him. They apparently have very minimal gun powder residue on his shirt which would not be unusual if they target shot. But they did not seek possibilities, nor did they do a full investigation as they should have. In the meantime you have a young woman who had been in a battle with the father of her daughter’s because he learned that one of them was not his and he was paying child support you years. You also have the possibility that the identity of the actual father of that child would be exposed, so this leaves yet another possible suspect. I can go on but I’ll leave it there.

  6. 8 Mike
    July 1, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Quote from Ben: “i dont have all the facts but it seems the only reason they keep streaching out the time frame on this case is in hope Jordan will crack under the preasure confessing to something he didnt do.”

    Unless I am mistaken, isn’t it Jordan’s attorney’s who are “stretching” this out trying to use every avenue possible to them to have this case decertified? I feel this is in fact to Jordan’s advantage.

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