in the background

If you’re one of those people who are discouraged by Monday morning’s ruling and have abandoned hope for Jordan Brown (or Pennsylvania, for that matter), I want you to know that there is much happening in the background that may, in time, restore your faith in American justice.

This latest ruling by Judge Dominick Motto cannot and will not stand. It is clearly unconstitutional because in saying that Jordan is not amenable to rehabilitation as long as Jordan professes his innocence, it denies the right of the accused to avoid self-incrimination. The judge has in effect said that Jordan is guilty before the case has even gone to trial. Powerful people who are much more influential than this country judge are getting involved behind the scenes. Expect this case to go far.

Yesterday I learned that outside official investigators have also taken an interest in events in Western Pennsylvania and are closely monitoring the situation. They already know the reputation of Pennsylvania State Police in this part of the state as “corrupt wannabes who couldn’t make it on big-city police forces” and are now “banished to the sticks” in rural Pennsylvania. These investigators are interested in learning just how far the corruption extends. If state and county officials have acted dishonestly with regard to Jordan Brown, they will eventually be exposed—especially as this bizarre case becomes a focus of worldwide media attention.

But don’t expect the prosecution to simply roll over. They’ll fight tooth and nail.

Since the prosecution of the case was transferred to the state’s Attorney General’s office, it has now become a factor in Pennsylvania Attorney General Thomas W. Corbett’s run for the Republican nomination for governor. The case is no longer about truth and justice (not that it ever was), but about the expansion and domination of brute power.

Corbett is appealing to hardline right-wing supporters and is predictably framing his campaign as supporting law-and-order values.

It seems so ironic to me that Corbett’s campaign is crowing that under his leadership “235 child predators” were captured “before they could harm innocent children,” and yet he and his deputy Anthony Krastek are themselves predating on Jordan Brown, who by any honest assessment of the facts and evidence is also an innocent child—even though Corbett’s office ludicrously claims Jordan is an adult and continues to insist they have “strong evidence” proving guilt. (They don’t. They’re lying. They’re political!)

If the prosecution’s tactics and arguments are any indication of Corbett’s ideas of the kind of “law and order” he would enforce as governor, then I’d have to predict Pennsylvania and its proud role in our history will cease to symbolize American freedoms and would come to represent the creeping fascism that is perverting our way of life.


14 Responses to “in the background”

  1. April 3, 2010 at 5:51 am

    Danny –

    Your writing is getting stronger with each post – I am proud to know you – keep up the pressure –
    and watch your back. You are in the mix.

    Easter Blessings

  2. 2 gloria
    April 3, 2010 at 11:29 am

    235 child predators were captured before they could harm innocent children? OMG!!!!!!!!! but how many lives had been destroyed in pennsylvania already? How many innocent children are in jail? How they dare to call them predators? I don’t understand, those children had been incarcerated even when they hadn’t hurt anyone? how many of them got a life sentence. what’s going on in pennsylvania? Predators, I can’t believe it, they are they ones who should be called predators. honestely I’m without words.

  3. 3 Mike
    April 3, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Dan, My family and I admire what you are doing for Jordan. It is people like you who take a stand for the right that gives us hope. It’s amazing at what you see when you see the glass half full instead of half empty!! Thank you for all your insight and work!!

    This case has proven to be very emotional for a lot of people including my own family. No one is dismissing what happened to Kenzie and baby Christopher but sometimes anger, sadness, being overwhelmed, everyone saying everything, false accusations, pointing fingers, etc…. can cause us to do and say things we should not. The Houks need to understand that everyone wants to find the real killer of their loved ones but now (and partly because of them) so much time is being spent on blaming an innocent child of a crime he did not do and time is also being spent on trying to regain his freedom. Jordan was 11 and sadly 11 year old traits that are held by every 11 year old are being held against him. Jordan is no different than any other 11 year old boy. However, the prosecution paints Jordan as some sort of genius who has kept this all at bay for over a year. They have painted Jordan as a “boy” who is smarter than everyone including themselves. Any person in their right mind should be able to see that this is a bunch of hogwash and it is truly sad at the amount of people who have jumped on this bandwagon to prosecute this child!! I have dealt with a lot of children over the past several years and I have NEVER met an 11 year old who could do what the prosecution is claiming Jordan has done. If it wasn’t so sad….it would be laughable!!

    Now over a year later, I am just in awe that Jordan has so many people finally backing his innocence including my own family. I spoke to someone last month who said that Jordan’s case may be the case to blow all of this out of the water (all the injustice that is going on here) and we truly agree. I told this person that sometimes we do not know why things happen but I believe God is at work. As a Christian, I believe God uses us to get things done which is a good thing and we believe God is using Jordan as well as his attorney’s, you, and everyone else involved to not only help Jordan but to help other children who may find theirselves in this same situation in the future. We also know that God knows Jordan has a strong father figure (and family) to help keep Jordan’s spirit alive while enduring this great heartache. Jordan has been blessed with wonderful attorneys who are going to great lengths to free him.

    The saying “What goes around comes around” and the biblical saying “you reap what you sow” will play out in this case towards the ones who are doing what they can for Jordan as well as to the ones who are speaking against this child.

    My family has reached out to Jordan and his family with great success and we are doing several things on our end to share Jordan’s story because people need to understand if this can happen to him it can happen to anyone’s child. We pray for everyone involved and we can surely tell you that just seeing this unfold over the past year……God is very aware of everything and there is Power in Prayer. Until this is over we will continue to have setbacks such as what happened Monday but it just means that all involved will just have to work a little harder to help this child and hopefully find the real killer. May God give insight and bless everyone helping Jordan no matter how big or small their help may be and most of all may God bless Jordan.

    • 4 Stephanie
      April 5, 2010 at 3:53 pm

      It breaks my heart to think that this little boy woke up yet again in a cell, without his family to comfort him, taken care of by strangers and guards. As the mother of a fifteen year old boy I can tell you that at 11 my son was silly, awkward, clumsy, and messy. I could tell just by looking into his eyes whether he was lying to me or not. And just by standing in front of him, giving him the “evil-parent-eye” I could make him tell me the truth. I believe all little boys are basically the same. For the prosecution to believe this child is a criminal mastermind is ridiculous. I pray for Jordan everyday.

  4. 5 Mandy
    April 5, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Hello Mike, Gloria, and Stephanie. I am so happy to hear others feel the same way that my husband and I do. I feel like I could have written all of your above notes.. Let us blanket Jordan in a huge circle of our prayers..tell his story to whomever will listen, and let his famliy know how much we support them all!

  5. 6 Bobbie
    April 6, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Few things have the ability to make me cry yet Jordan’s plight is one that brings tears to my eyes at least twice a day. As the mother of a child around his age I see in him my own and though I do not do so regularly stop to pray for a child who is undergoing a trial greater than most adults can withstand. Corruption in the legal system has been around for decades with one common goal, prestige at any cost even the life of the innocennt. For all who support and encourage Jordan during this most trying time continue in your efforts for his very life both physical and emotional are at stake. Rally around and express your despair to all who will listen as the voices of many cannot be ignored. For those of you who choose to ignore fact in favor of fiction and who willingly condemn a child without cause. Shame on you and may you spend your eternal days in a heat like none other for if there is indeed a hell that is where you deserve to be. One must stop to ponder the mentality of society today a society that has become so jaded that we would offer up Jordan as a sacraficial lamb in favor of recognition not deserved. May the fight to save Jordan remain strong and result in a favorable outcome.

  6. 7 Mike
    April 6, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    So many people may think they have no way of helping especially if you live a long way from PA. However, there are several things everyone can do. Things such as put a tag line in your email address that links to the Save Jordan Brown Trust Fund site, email family, friends, co-workers and share his story and ask them to forward to their friends, family and co-workers and so on, Prayer of course is the biggest thing, send emails to churches (your religious preference) all over the US sharing his story and asking them to post it or forward it to their members and add Jordan to their prayer requests, when paying bills (by checks) slip a note in the envelope with Trust Fund website on it or when you go out to eat, leave a slip of paper with the site on it on the table (most people are curious and will look up the site), share your thoughts with family and friends (some will understand & some won’t but that’s with anything). The point is to get this out what is happening to Jordan and make people aware. I am sure we have all read the negative comments people have made but those people are doing NOTHING to make a difference in anything. It takes effort and work to make a difference. It’s the little things that people do that add up to a great big thing that matters and that can help Jordan. Jordan may have a long road ahead of him to freedom but we MUST pray for his spirit to stay alive and I am sure his dad and family and friends are doing everything they can to make the best of each day and to make him smile and laugh. Most of all we must have FAITH…..if you pray to God to ask him to help Jordan and to remove this burden from him, you MUST believe that it will happen…that’s what Faith is! May God bless EVERYONE involved in helping to FREE Jordan!!

    • 8 Bobbie
      April 6, 2010 at 10:06 pm

      How right you are about the potetnial of negative response to Jordan’s situation. This of course does nothing to deter me from getting the word out. I have no problem calling others on their opinions when all the facts have not been presented and contiuously remind them that first and foremost they must consider that Jordan is in fact a child. A child who would never be allowed to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, get a driver’s license or enter into the military. The reason is because children do not have the capacity to use sound judgement, rationalize or reason the the extent that adults do. Here in Ohio I will do my best to spread the word and hopefully gain additional support through all available resources.

  7. 9 gloria
    April 6, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    I don’t know how to put a tag in my E-mail address but just right now I wrote about jordan brown in my facebook and I put a link to Jordan website. I think that are good ideas to help jordan Mike. I’ve told about Jordan to my Parents, but they didn’t believe me. My mother actually thinks that you can not believe anything that comes out of internet that nobody would put a child in an adult prison for the rest of his life. If this situation wasn’t so sad I would have laughed like crazy, but I only wanted to cried and I told my mam, No mama this is for real and then my father looked at me seriously and I saw in his face incredulity and rage and said I’ve always said americans are the worst. Now, I’m not telling that american people are the worst, I know American people are good at heart that there are extraordinary people there, all of you have give the proof. That’s why I haven’t still lost my faith on america. And Mike I do want to have faith that Jordan would be free I really do but seeing all this is so hard to have faith. But I won’t give up I have faith, Jordan brow will be free it is gonna happen because he has a lot of people around him that support him.

    • 10 Bobbie
      April 6, 2010 at 10:13 pm

      I believe that the majority of Americans are indeed good hearted. Unfortuantely they are also very impressionable. The media has all but already convicted Jordan without trial just as Judge Motto has. The Psychiatrist hired by the State is a discredit to the profession in my opinion as he is well aware how the mind of a child works or rather he should be. I have encountered many who exert the same increduality as your father over the situation as it is hard to believe that we the same who vow to protect and shield our children would turn our backs on even one. Stand up and fight. Fight for Jordan and for all those who may come after him and for all those who have come before him. The fate of a childs life should not lie upon an authority that obviously has no measure of concern for the child himself.

  8. 11 Jeanne
    April 7, 2010 at 3:32 am

    My father was a former Mohawk teacher and coach. He is retired and when I told him the case was being considered for adult court,(prior to the decision made by the judge) he looked at me like I was crazy. He said, “You mean this is still going on”. He continued on to say how absolutely ridiculous it was to even consider an 11 year old boy as an adult. I consider my father a very fair-minded, well-adjusted person. He also is very compassionate and does understand the loss of a loved one is without words. Along with this compassion, he is very intelligent and does not believe a child is the same as an adult. He has worked with youths his entire life. While he coached in many areas inside and out of Pennsylvania and Ohio, he has come across, depending upon which area he coached, all walks of life. He has dealt with children who had been from well to do families, to children who lacked family at all and he always encouraged them to do the best they can do with their lives. My father still gets calls from people whom he has coached and taught throughout the years. Some have even gone through the criminal system, and they have always respected my father because he believed in them. It is so wrong to promote the guilt of a child, to expose his identity before the case even goes to trial, and to hang a harsher punishment over a child’s head because he proclaims his constitutional right, to plead innocent. I want to add that while my father is very proud of his country, as he served in WWII and is a veteran, he is also very open to the fact that the legal system, is unbalanced. As it has a set of laws that seem to benefit some people more than others.

    Along with Mike’s ideas to pass the word along and share the information with people in general, I would like to know how we should be writing to in an effort to make sure the politicians are aware of our concern for this little boy. Please advise.

  9. 12 Mannie
    April 7, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Jeanne had a good point. While making people aware of the injustice that is going on within the case in Pennsylvania is crucial, we do not want our efforts to fall upon deaf ears. It is important to make the website known so that people understand that the funds are needed and so people do not set this aside. If they need more background on the case, they should be directed to this site as well. It is also important to direct people to the right place if they have a desire to reach the politicians that have an impact on the horror that is going on right now with this case. Would that be the Gov. or the President? Please do advise.

  10. 13 Bobbie
    April 7, 2010 at 11:30 am

    When I first caught wind of the case I immediately sent an e-mail out to the Whitehouse requesting intervention. Of course I have yet to hear back as of today. Last night I sent an e-mail to CNN reminding them that a child’s life hangs in the balance and to please continue regular periodic updates about Jordans case. I of course stressed the importance of accuracy in such media releases. Perhaps if we flood CNN and the Whitehouse with e-mails and letters someone may stand up and take notice. To send an e-mail to the Whitehouse proceed to President Obama’s website and go to the contact page. To send an e-mail to CNN regarding the case again go to the contact page. Jordans case will continue to receive negative media coverage along the way that can prove to be quite discouraging but we must all remember that without our voices ringing on behalf of him justice will not be met.

  11. April 7, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    So unfortunately, people believe what they read in the newspapers. Jordan is a victim too, of a grossly broken “system”. He has already been “condemned”, convicted and sentenced in the media, case has not even been to trial yet. I am constantly keeping his case alive on facebook,and other areas forums of support, commenting on articles about him, sharing his case and trust fund site to everyone I get sent it out too. We must continue to be a voice for Jordan, voice your support by writing PA officials. This child deserves “truth & justice.”

    Just who and how young will the next one be??


    Many thanks to Dan and others here for your spirit and tenacity for “truth and justice”

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