belated anniversary

I could kick myself. I forgot.

I called Chris Brown yesterday and was so focused on the launch of the Jordan Brown Trust Fund’s website and on the issues surrounding it, I forgot Saturday was the one-year anniversary of Kenzie’s and the baby’s murders.

I didn’t acknowledge it (stupidly!) and Chris didn’t bring it up (gracefully).

Now I know it was on his mind for the whole day. Each anniversary of Holly’s death, Henry and I still walk through our memories of her last day with us. After seventeen years, it is still a heavy day for Henry and me. But for Chris, the memories are so raw. Just a year…

A year is a short time for grief, but a very long time indeed for a little boy and father who have been cruelly and wantonly separated by the greatest tragedy in their lives.

Their anguish has been compounded by a terrible, nightmarish year that has heaped insult upon injury.

I have long ago put away the childish delusions taught in the civics books when I was a kid, but a part of me can still not believe that our system of justice is so broken that the Jordan Brown story is happening here in America.

It makes me ashamed of this country. I was always taught we were better than this. It makes me sick to witness all the rage and hatred that have been projected at this innocent little boy.

It has been harder still because Chris has revealed his broken heart to me in long late-night calls. I like and admire the guy so much, and it offends my sense of justice that such bad, bad things can be happening to very good, even model, people like Chris and Jordan.

It has been very difficult sitting on the truth for months and months, while the whole world—misinformed by dishonest police, a sleazy former prosecutor, and by irresponsible media—believes that Jordan is a monster, a fiction backed up by Kenzie’s grief-stricken family which was cynically manipulated into providing tainted statements supporting the prosecution’s implausible (and impossible) crime theory.

All that will begin changing tomorrow when the Jordan Brown Trust Fund website goes live. Now we will finally begin pushing back with the truth!

Please visit either savejordanbrown.com or jordanbrowntrust.org tomorrow (they’ll both get you to the same place). Familiarize yourself with the facts of the case and please consider supporting Jordan’s defense with a generous gift.

Supporting Jordan will benefit the kids in your life, too.


2 Responses to “belated anniversary”

  1. 1 Ann
    February 21, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Finally the truth will be told. This is also great timing since CNN just published an Opinion article (in their Opinion section) about this. This opinion article is different than the news article CNN published a week or so ago. It is so hard (in any situation) to keep quiet about the truth when everyone around you per say is telling lies but in this situation, timing is everything and the time has come to speak out and show the world that Jordan Brown IS innocent!! Jordan is just a normal little boy and we need to share the Trust Fund site (with the truth) with all we know to help Jordan AND to make sure people are aware of what is happening to innocent children (and their parents/families) when it comes to the legal/justice system. I also think Jordan’s lawyers need to be commended for everything they are doing in representing this child. Jordan is just that….a child….the most innocent of beings and because of my faith, my belief, and my daily prayers, I KNOW God is watching over him.

  2. 2 Ann
    February 21, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    Mr. Dailey,
    I could not find your own personal email so I am posting this here. If you don’t mind me asking….how will the website for the Trust Fund be getting shared with the public once it goes live tomorrow? Is it getting advertised anywhere or does the public have to stumble on it by chance?


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