false flags

Anyone who has visited my home knows I’m a flag freak. The open area under our roof is hung with reproductions of historic American flags, and indoors the living room houses a collection of rare German scouting pennants.

The thing so fascinating to me about flags in general, and my German pennants especially, is the love and passion young people invested in these objects. “Ja, die Fahne is mehr als der Tod!” (Yes, the flag is greater than death!) they idealistically sang—and believed it—as they marched off to Russia.

A few years later, millions dead and Old Europe in ruins, these same young people who were being groomed to be masters of the world realized they had been lied to and betrayed by their elders. Monstrous things had been done in their names. After the war they raised their children to expect to be seen as pariahs because of their grandparents’ sins.

The German story is not so much different from those which unfolded in other parts of the world including Britain and the United States. The histories of education policies and most youth movements in the twentieth century are stories of youthful idealism ultimately betrayed.

No matter how much our culture tries to distance itself from the German experience, we’re making many of the same errors in our own time. The frustration and thwarting of youth’s potential to create a better world appears to be endemic to the human condition.

Through my own experience as a student, educator, and school board member, I have become convinced that the true function of the schools in our society is to geld our young people and turn them into compliant consumers who can be easily exploited. Creativity is systematically suffocated. Individual freedom, thought, and self-responsibility are snuffed out. In practice, the public schools are instruments of betrayal which condition children for mindless slavery.

If responsible parents ask, I always urge home-schooling (or private schools, if they can afford it) as a better option if they want to avoid addling their children.

Our freedoms and individual liberties are under assault by authoritarians who don’t give a damn about us and our kids, only power. People are beginning to strike out in desperate ways, like that guy just yesterday who flew his airplane into an Austin TX building which housed IRS offices.

You've gotta say, "I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!"

The suicide pilot, Joseph Stack, is a latter day Howard Beale:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Read his suicide note at: informationclearinghouse.info/article24783.htm.

The guy who called to tell me about the Austin incident is a former military intelligence officer. Our conversation naturally switched from Austin to 911.

“Have you heard the latest? There’s forensic evidence leading them to think nanothermite was painted onto the Twin Towers’ steel frame during elevator renovations in the months before the buildings came down,” I said. New reports say unexploded nanothermite was found throughout dust from Ground Zero. Only government and the military have access to this advanced explosive.

“Architects and engineers from all over the world are saying it’s proof that 911 had to have been a controlled demolition,” I said.

“Oh, I just can’t believe the government would go so far as to murder three thousand of our own people in a false flag attack,” he replied.

I bit my tongue, imagining there were conversations like this among many ‘good Germans’ after the Reichstag fire two generations ago.

No, government that lies and steals from us; that’s waging an opium war in Afghanistan; that frames innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit; chemtrails us without our consent; that secretly tasers, tortures and terminates prisoners; that’s issuing 12-gauge shotguns to IRS collections agents; that imprisons children for life— No, a government like ours would never do such a thing.


Search terms if you’re curious: Operation Northwoods, Lavon Affair, Operation Ajax, Gulf of Tonkin Incident.


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